Early registrations for 2017-2018 season are opened

Leave a comment - 7 May 2017

Dear practitioners,

Early registrations for 2017-2018 season are open and will end on June 30, 2017.

As of now, you can download the subscription form, complete it and return it together with all the necessary documents:

  • for kids
    1. 2 ID photos
    2. Copy of the certificate of school insurance
    3. Suscription form filled up with:
      1. compulsory information of the kid
      2. medical certificate allowing the practice of the “Art Du Déplacement”
      3. parental permission
      4. payment
  • for adults
    1. 2 ID photos
    2. Suscription form filled up with:
      1. compulsory information of the participant
      2. disclaimer
      3. payment

You can either send the documents to ADD ACADEMY, 18 allée Denis Diderot 77186 Noisiel or give them to us directly  during classes.

Checks will be cashed from mid-September 2017.

The 20€ registration fee, non refundable in case of cancellation, is to be paid seperately.

Sportively yours,

The ADD Academy team

Cancellation of class: 25/05, 27/05 & 28/05

Leave a comment - 24 April 2017

Hi guys,

ADD classes are cancelled at:

  • Paris Centr’Halles Park25/05
  • Choisy le Roi: 27/05 and 28/05.

Please feel free to join the other classes planned in Paris during this week to make up for lost periods: a mail is required to let us know at

Add Academy Team




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1 Comment - 22 August 2016

ADD ACADEMY season 2016 – 2017 will start on Sunday the 11th of september at Choisy le Roi.

For futher information, please download the registration form from the specific menu “ADULT CLASSES” or “YOUTH CLASSES”.

Thanks and see you soon.


No class on sunday 05/06

Leave a comment - 4 June 2016

Hi guys,

No class at Choisy le Roi on sunday 05/06 because of the bad weather. The place is requisitionned from the town hall.

Sorry guys.


Adults ADD summercamp at Courchevel from 14/08/2016 to 20/08/2016

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Hi guys,

What about one week of summercamp only focused on Art Du Déplacement this summer 2016 at Courchevel?

It’s obviously possible with the Art Du Déplacement Academy team and the YAMAKASI Founders around a new structure and a new activities plan at Courchevel.

This summercamp is open to adults: Please download the adults register form here.

Hope to see you there guys.