Children ADD Summercamp at Courchevel from 03/07/2016 to 20/08/2016

Leave a comment - 22 May 2016

Hi guys,

What about one week of summercamp only focused on Art Du Déplacement this summer 2016 at Courchevel?

It’s obviously possible with the Art Du Déplacement Academy team and the YAMAKASI Founders around a new structure and a new activities plan at Courchevel.

This summercamp is open to children for one week.

Please :

Hope to see you there guys.


News of June 2016 : special class on 12/06; No class at Chatelet on 18/06; ADD Academy party on 19/06

Leave a comment - 22 May 2016

Hi Guys,

The end of ADD school year is closed that’s why we have booked for you 2 special dates :

  • Sunday 12/06 : Classes planned at Choisy le Roi will be handled by Sébastien L’Hau, coach at ADD ACADEMY BORDEAUX;
  • Sunday 19/06 : SPECIAL ADD ACADEMY PARTY composed by one common class (starting at 10 a.m and finishing at 12 a.m) then a lunch prepared by our Academy. For those interested in cooking some cakes or else, please feel free to come with.

Please note : No class on 18/06 at Centr’Halles (Paris – Chatelet Les Halles). However the class at Choisy will be hold.

See you.


No classes on thursday 05/05, sunday 08/05 and sunday 15/05

Leave a comment - 5 May 2016

Hi guys,

No classes on:

  • Thursday the 05th of May at Chatelet Les Halles – Centr’Halles Park
  • Sunday the 08th of May at Choisy le Roi – Gymnase Léo Lagrange
  • Sunday the 15th of May at Choisy le Roi – Gymnase Léo Lagrange

If you want, you can attend to classes handled on saturday the 07th of May and on saturday the 14th of May at Centr’Halles Park to replace your classes missed. Please check the slot on our website : CLASSES.

See you soon.

ADD Academy Team

Special classes for easter week-end 2016

Leave a comment - 23 March 2016

Hi guys,

Special classes are organized for this easter week-end:

  • aerobatics on saturday the 26th of March by Louis Davion (Evry ADD Academy Coach from 4:30 to 6:30 pm
  • special Yann Hnautra class on sunday the 27th of March, by one of the ADD movement & ADD Academy founders from 10:00 am to 13:00 pm

See you all there.

ADD academy team.

No classes at Choisy and Centr’Halles Park from 22/02 to 06/03

Leave a comment - 21 February 2016

Hi guys,

Classes at Choisy le Roi and Chatelet (Centr’Halles Park) are cancelled from 22/02 to 06/03 due to school holidays.

However a special JAM DAY (free training with coachs supervision) is organized on saturday the 5th of March for children up to 14 years old and for adults. This will take place in Paris Chatelet les halles at Centr’Halles Park (gymnase Suzanne Berlioux) from 1 to 6 p.m. 5 € per person will be asked. Please feel free to bring drinks and foods (to eat outside the training room).

Please contact us by mail ( or by sms (06 50 04 05 42) to book your day with us.

See you soon.
Art Du Déplacement Academy Team