News of June 2016 : special class on 12/06; No class at Chatelet on 18/06; ADD Academy party on 19/06

Hi Guys,

The end of ADD school year is closed that’s why we have booked for you 2 special dates :

  • Sunday 12/06 : Classes planned at Choisy le Roi will be handled by Sébastien L’Hau, coach at ADD ACADEMY BORDEAUX;
  • Sunday 19/06 : SPECIAL ADD ACADEMY PARTY composed by one common class (starting at 10 a.m and finishing at 12 a.m) then a lunch prepared by our Academy. For those interested in cooking some cakes or else, please feel free to come with.

Please note : No class on 18/06 at Centr’Halles (Paris – Chatelet Les Halles). However the class at Choisy will be hold.

See you.



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