Paris-Choisy team


  • Anoulack – Senior Coach / Artist / Trainer
    Anoulack began practising Art Du Déplacement (ADD) in 2005 when he met Chau Belle. A passionate practitioner of martial arts since the age of 15, he is also an assistant instructor 7th khan in Muay Thai Boran. Over the years, he has polished his knowledge and practice of ADD via training with other founding members of the original Yamakasi group. Today Anoulack is one of the guiding coaches at ADD Academy Paris/Choisy, helping to train new coaches and assistants.
  • Tony – Coach / Artist
    Formerly a martial arts practitioner – judo 1st dan, kungfu, Brazilian jujitsu, boxing – Tony began Art Du Déplacement (ADD) at the age of 19 after meeting Chau Belle. He further deepened his sporting and artistic training under the guidance of other Yamakasi founders. Having travelled and coached abroad, Tony has acquired solid experience in guiding others in the way of ADD. He combines his work as an ADD Academy coach with his life as a movement and performance artist.
  • Christelle – Active Member / Assistant Coach (children/teens)
    Having done gymnastics and modern jazz ballet as a child, from the age of 15 Christelle became a keen practitioner of martial arts, in the discipline of Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, competing at the international level. After reaching 2nd dan in 2008 and getting her DIF qualification, she has taught Vovinam Viet Vo Dao, mainly to children. In 2008 she joined ADD Academy as a practitioner, and has been an active member of the Association since 2012.
  • Benjamin – Assistant Coach (all levels)
    Benjamin is a former practitioner of inline skating in its various forms: slalom, hockey, vert skating. He has taught at the Roller Squad Institut (RSI), after obtaining his BIF qualification in 2008. In search of new thrills, Benjamin took up Art Du Déplacement (ADD) in 2009 with ADD Academy, where he met founding Yamakasi members, and subsequently trained under Chau Belle to become an assistant coach. He also does hip hop dancing, in complement to his ADD practice.
  • Kitkath – Assistant Coach (all levels) / Coach (women beginners)
    Coming from a background in hip hop dancing, Kitkath started practising Art Du Déplacement with ADD Academy in 2011. She was introduced to the discipline by her sister Annty, who was training in London at the time with Parkour Generations. Kitkath returned to Paris in January 2014, following two years in the United States during which she became part of the coaching team at Urban Movement in Houston, Texas.
  • Stéphane – Junior Coach (all levels) particularly for international workshops
    A close friend of Chau Belle for more than 20 years, Stéphane has been familiar with Art Du Déplacement – and seen it evolve – since its very beginnings. Over the years, he has had significant experience in gynmastics and bodyweight training. After years of occasional practice in ADD, he decided in 2013 to fully specialise in the discipline in order to better know himself and push his limits.
  • Allan – Junior Coach (alls levels)
    Allan is the youngest of the ADD Academy assistant coaches, and has been in training under Chau and Anoulack. Sport has always been a passion for Allan: gymnastics, karate, swimming, rubgy, rollerblading, judo, tumbling. In search of adrenalin, in 2009 he joined ADD Academy’s youth classes; following five years of regular training, in 2014 he joined the teaching team.
  • Fiona – Junior Coach (alls levels)
  • Louis – Junior Coach (alls levels)
  • Andreas – Junior Coach (alls levels)
  • William – Junior Coach (alls levels)
  • Nikos – Junior Coach (alls levels)
  • Nikooz – Junior Coach (kids ados)
  • Nicolas – Junior Coach (alls levels)
  • Sohen – Assistant Coach Senior (kids ados)
  • Azaria – Assistant Coach Senior (kids ados)
  • Xuan – Assistant Coach Senior (kids ados)
  • Leo– Assistant Coach junior (kids ados)
  • Adrien– Assistant Coach junior (kids ados)
  • Noemie– Assistant Coach junior (kids ados)